The replica landrovers are made in Europe and are CE certified as a fully functioning electric car for children.

The vehicles are intended for use in a commercial environment by children whilst under adult supervision. Each vehicle has a preset maximum speed which has been chosen for the environment in which they will be used.

Parents will in most cases be responsible for supervising their children and will be shown how to “STOP” the vehicles using the remote cut out switch.

There are no obstacles on the courses that should pose a significant risk to the driver provided the supervising adult is paying attention to the driving behaviour of the child.

Impact bewteen the cars is not allowed and should be avoided in all circumstances.

Children whose behaviour  poses a risk to others when driving will be asked to stop driving and will need to leave the drive.

The maximum weight that the vehicle can carry is 130kg which means that two children can sit side by side when driving. Parents can sit next to their child to help them drive the car.

Under no circumstances should anybody try to physically restrain the car to stop it. This could cause them an injury as the vehicles are heavy and very powerful. To put that into perspective, these vehicles are capable of towing a transit van on flat ground.

Accompanying adults and children must walk behind the car at all times.

Used sensibly, these vehicles will offer hours of fun to the driver at very little risk We hope you enjoy your drive.